Responsive Web Design

Every new client these days wants an effective and user-friendly website that is mobile friendly. Responsive Web Design is an approach that proposes that design and development of a website should respond to the user’s performance and environment based on the device they are using. That could be a desktop computer monitor, a laptop, tablet, smartphone screen, or any other device. Responsive Web design has become one of the hottest trends. This is due to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices. People spend more time on their smartphone to view web pages, so providing an optimal viewing experience is essential.


Why Businesses Need to Switch to Responsive Web Design

More people all over the globe are using mobile device or smaller devices to access websites. Recent study found that over 45% of American adults own a smartphone, and over 30% own a tablet. Most people will check out your website through mobile devices. Not having a well built Responsive website you will miss out on potential customers for your business. It is critical to have your website reachable no matter what device your audiences are using.


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